Managed Services - RPO, MSP, Interim HR

As part of the implementation of Managed Services, Grafton takes full responsibility for projects and recruitment processes. Our consultants become an integral part of the client's HR department.

Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO) - is a form of business process transfer, in which the employer orders or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to Grafton, which from now on acts as the company's internal recruitment department for some or all positions. The RPO solution includes preparation of a solution design, implementation and change management, and continuous process optimization.

Managed Service Program (MSP) - MSP is designed for companies that have high recruitment needs (both temporary and permanent), requiring them to cooperate with many suppliers. Through the MSP solution, Grafton becomes a recruitment process coordinator that effectively manages all recruitment activities and coordinates suppliers to ensure that they provide the highest standard of service. The MSP service includes solution design, process optimization, supplier management, cost management, reporting, and performance management.

Interim HR - Grafton provides experienced HR managers as part of a temporary cooperation to assist the client with both planned and unplanned organizational improvements.

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